Vacant Home Maintenance & Repair Services

Home Maintenance & Repair Services

Foreclosures, Bank-Owned & Vacant Homes

As more homes in Utah fall into foreclosure and repossesion, these bank-owned properties fall victim to neglect, looting, graffiti, nature’s elements and general wear/tear.

JDH Construction can help by fixing up these foreclosed homes and performing maintenance to ensure they remain viable for resale. A vacant home can quickly become an eye sore, even in the nicest of neighborhoods, so it is critical to maintain the home’s appearance, both internally and externally.

Home Maintenance Services

Jeff Howell Construction is a trusted Utah contractor who can provide home maintenance and repair services for the following situations:

  • Foreclosed homes – Homeowner neglect or intentional damage, looting, broken windows, etc.
  • Bank-owned homes – Completion of unfinished homes, remodeling, upgrades and improvements.
  • Vacant homes - Window repair, painting, upgrades, etc.
  • Unimproved foreclosed home buyers - Home upgrades, remodeling and improvements.

Quality Workmanship

For over 30 years, JDH Construction has provided home contractor services to the greater Salt Lake City area. We know how to efficiently and effectively get your home or property back in top shape so it can be sold.

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